Beets with JRiver MC

I’m looking towards co-existance of beets and JRiver.
What is have found as of now: JRiver is using ‘weird’ fields for outlining the ‘Publisher’ and ‘Catalogue Number’:
instead of ‘pulisher’ -they use ‘organization’; instead of ‘catalogue number’ - it is ‘CATALOG #’
But (on the other hand), MediaMonkey is using ‘normal’ fields…

Can someone advise on the way these fields pairs can be synchronised automatically, i.e. during the import process (I’d like not to play with beets DB for this) ?

That’s tricky. I think the only way would be to write a custom plugin that extends MediaFile with information about these non-standard tag mappings:

Sorry it’s not easier!

thanks for prompt respond.

Will try to create such a mapper. Will update with the results (if any) :slight_smile:

DB is not an option as it has nothing to do with the tag themselves (as least as I see it) - thus python