Beet config not picking up "paths:"

I have a strange issue. I am using Beets 1.6.0 on Windows 11. I typically use Linux.

I created a config at C:\Users\Steven\AppData\Roaming\beets

If I do beet config, It shows all of my config as I have it, but it does not show paths: section. It shows Beets default paths: instead. As if it doesn’t see mine in my config.

Lines 10-14 do not show when I do beet config, but everything else does. If I run beet import -t "..." beets runs but uses the default paths: set in Beets.

This was working before. I lost my config and had to rebuild it. I know the inline section is wrong. That’s a placeholder. I always create a rerelease inline section and then if release year is newer than original release year, I add a RE-RereleaseYear tag to the end of the album folder. I only have CDs or Web downloads in my library.


I’m a goofball. I had paths: twice… and i changed my slashes to use \ since it is windows just for clarity.