Beets 1.4.x hang while importing

This software is awesome and has saved so much of my time. Thank you, developers!

I believe I installed beets back at version 1.3.19 on Fedora 24 with Python 2.7. My library DB is ‘musiclibrary.blb’. Some time back near the end of May I upgraded to 1.4.3 (currently running 1.4.5) but ever since going to 1.4.x I cannot run beets, it hangs after loading plugins (none configured) right when it should be loading the DB. I see that if I remove the config file, beets creates a ‘library.db’. Also, if I use this new empty DB, beets runs fine.

Did the DB format change at some point? I’ve tried restoring backups and same behavior…


That’s certainly odd! There have not been any format changes or anything. If it’s something that’s happening reliably, can you please file a bug report on GitHub with full details?