Automatically skip if Beets has no match or find dupe


Im new to Beets. I love it but i have some questions…

If i run Beets it asks for help matching/duplicated an album. What is the command in the config to just choose SKIP (S) every time? I have these commands in my config but that doesnt help.

autotag: yes
timid: no
none_rec_action: skip
default_action: skip
duplicate_action: skip
quiet_fallback: skip 
import.none_rec_action: skip

And if i have this naming scheme:
default: %upper{%left{$albumartist,1}}/%asciify{$albumartist}/%asciify{$albumartist} - $albumtype - $original_year - $album%aunique{albumdisambig country, label}%if{$albumdisamambig, [%title{$albumdisambig}]}/$disc - $track - %asciify{$artist} - %asciify{$title}
An album can be like this:
Guano Apes - single - 1997 - Open Your Eyes [53] []
Why do i get [53]? And if Beets cant find details on album can it skip the [ ]?

Thanks for helping me!

For #1, that would be duplicate_action. But it will need to be nested under the import section. You can see what the syntax should look like in this little example:

For #2, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on without full context, but the [53] probably comes from the %aunique{} call in your path format. The reason the extra [] is in there is because you have misspelled $albumdisamambig in the %if{} call.

sorry for an late answer. Ive been sick.
I ended up changing my naming scheme to:
default: %upper{%left{$albumartist_sort,1}}/$albumartist/$albumartist - $albumtype - $original_year - $album%if{$albumdisambig, (%title{$albumdisambig}),} [$label] [$bitdepth-$samplerate $format]/$disc-$track - $artist - $title

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