Add Categories?

I think we need better categorization for the posts.

  • Plugins - for help with various plugins and plugin ideas/dev
  • Show and Tell - to share config files?
  • Suggestions
  • …etc…

Sure! I do suspect, however, that the vast majority of posts we have will go under an “asking for help” category.

A good systematic way to do this would be to take the first 2-3 pages of threads currently on the homepage, briefly look at each one, and decide which category it should be in. Then we’ll have empirical evidence about which categories we really need. Would you be interested in doing that?

I looked at all the threads (there aren’t many).

  • Musicbrainz-related - general MB stuff
  • Plugins Help - problems with external plugins or beets-included plugins
  • Autotag Help - problems with tagging
  • Import help - problems with import
  • Getting Started help - installation etc
  • Query help - problems with queries
  • General help - doesn’t fit any other category
  • Beets Suggestions - things you’d like to see in beets/improved upon and how to go about it
  • Show and tell - show off config files
  • Site Suggestions - suggestions for the site

Wow; cool! Thanks for looking though things.

I’m not 100% sure finer subdivisions below “Help” are actionable—it seems like one big category for support questions might be OK. What do you think about that post of topics?

It’s just…

The vast majority of questions on this board are help questions. By not sub-dividing them somehow, it literally changes nothing about how they are organized/presented. It becomes “Site suggestions”, “show and tell”, “beets suggestions”, then the monolithic “Support” section.

Yep! The thing is, I guess, that I don’t think breaking down “help” further is all that useful: it will be large, yes, but I don’t think people will navigate the site differently with lots of subcategories of “help.” The use case is still the same: users ask for help; experts and developers try to answer questions in each thread. It’s hard to see how subdividing it would make that easier/better.

I feel like it forces the person asking for help to focus on what they THINK they need help with and gives the helper(s) an idea of what they might expect.