Activating and Installing plug-ins without the use of pip

I was issues installing the duplicates plugin… I opted out of installing beets with pip because of issues with versions of applications, my OS and the local/bin directory. (Cross-thread: “Having troubles with installation on mac os”) I was wondering if there is an easy way to install plugins without pip.

I know where the .py files are located for the beets plug-ins I am just not sure how to run them and make them coexist with beets.

P.S. beets has been working great I would just love to test its expandability with the use of some plugins… :smiley:

Also here is a list of the plugins I plan on using to better me music library:
embed art
fetch art
replay gain

You don’t need to install the plugins that come with beets; you just need to enable them in your config file.

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Oh lol… thanks a bunch… I just assumed the command was pip install beets [plugin]