A (reasonably) new commandline UI for Beets!

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently put what I hope are the finishing touches to a hefty pull request initially started by @mxmerz 5 years ago to refresh the beets commandline UI!

The finished product looks like this on my machine:

The PR is here: Importer UI overhaul rebase/update by davidswarbrick · Pull Request #3721 · beetbox/beets · GitHub , it builds on initial discussions in import formatting hard to parse mentally · Issue #1593 · beetbox/beets · GitHub and implementation in Importer UI overhaul by sampsyo · Pull Request #1685 · beetbox/beets · GitHub

What we could do with now is more users! Give this code a try, take a screenshot, feedback anything you do/don’t like or any bugs, or if code review is more your style please do feedback any improvements. All being well it’s hopeful we can merge this in soon :grinning:


Is this part of the fabled 1.5 release?

Not yet—it’s still in pull request form. Let’s make it a goal to make it part of the next one!

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I’m just a user, but I would love to test it out for myself, make screenshots, etc. However, I have no idea on how to get started. Is there a “for dummies” explanation on how to get started with testing your PR?

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