Store album's source folder name at import?

Hi all, I’m new to beets but I think it’s just what I need.

I’m just trying out importing and customising paths etc. to decide how to structure things.

Is there a way of storing the original album folder name at time of import?

E.g. when I import “Duran Duran - The Reflex (vinyl single) (1983) [FLAC 24-96]” is there a way of storing that old folder name in the new structure, e.g. in a file called “original_folder.txt” ?

Hello! We don’t have a specific feature just like that, but a specialized use case like this is the perfect excuse to write a one-off plugin for your own use. It should be too hard to listen to import events, pull out the current path, and record that to a file.

I’m thinking about doing something similar, and was thinking I might use a flexible attribute:

It would have to be a two-step process though, or a custom plugin, since I don’t believe you can pass custom tags/attributes along as import time.

It is possible now, for what it’s worth, to specify custom attributes on import. See --set:

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I stand happily corrected!

Is there a way to mark a flexible attribute album level rather than item level, or are all flexible attrs item level?

Flexible attributes can be either item level or album level. When using --set, the level matches how the import runs: if you’re importing albums, then an album-level field gets set.