Query album flexible attribute and get a list of tracks?


For flexible attributes set on albums, can I still query them to get a list of tracks?

For instance, I have started adding my personal rating of albums to a flexible attribute called albumrating. It made sense to me to use this field. So I can now get a list of albums with certain ratings using beet ls -a albumrating:2 for instance. I would like to use the same flexible attribute to get a list of tracks to output to a playlist.

Though upon reading this reply it does seem like what I’m wanting to do would require the flexattr albumrating to be set for each track, on reading this note:

What would be the best way to be able to generate playlists based on my albumrating flexattr? To just rate the items instead? :wink:

I believe this PR does what you want?

It’s a great PR and I am (or rather the community is) delinquent on reviewing and merging it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like this is what I’m after, yes! Thanks for pointing it out, I was negligent in searching the issues before posting. I wish I could help, I am however entirely code-illiterate. For now I have a few (manual) work-arounds. :slight_smile: