Proper way to retag the wrong year?

I have two albums, one of which is the wrong year:

$ ls -alh Queen/
drwxr-xr-x@ 28 andrew  staff   896B Apr  2 16:33 Jazz (2011) [2011]/
drwxr-xr-x@ 19 andrew  staff   608B Apr  2 14:24 Jazz (2018)/

The 2018 one was built when I was just starting with beets and I wasn’t aware you could set the MusicBrainz ID. It’s really the 1976 version. I was under the impression that this would be the correct command to rectify this:

$ beet import -S 993f394d-895d-4fbb-9733-f9e98e0afdd6 -L artist:Queen album:Jazz Year:2018

But nothing happens. In fact, if I try to do ls -a with the same query, I get nothing (although, if I do the query without the -a parameter, it works fine).

Am I doing this correctly, or is there another, proper way to fix the MusicBrainz database UUID with an existing album?


Edit: Nevermind, I’ve resolved this from the documentation:

# How to configure making unique album names

    # Disambiguators use square-brackets to inform me that a disambiguation took place
    bracket: "[]"

    # The fields to use to identify if an album requires de-duplication
    keys: albumartist album year

    # Fields to use to include, in brackets, to disambiguate the secondary album
    #   - albumtype     MusicBrainz "album type" (
    #   - label         The record label
    #   - catalognum    The catalog number from MusicBrainz
    # The `***disambig` options are for last-ditch disambiguation generations when all-else fails.
    disambiguators: albumtype label catalognum albumdisambig releasegroupdisambig

# Core functionality for how beets creates paths for files when moving them
    # Format used for nearly all files
    default: "Music Albums/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"

    # Format used for music that doesn't have an album
    singleton: "Music Singles/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$title} ($year)"

    # Format used for compilations
    comp: "Music Compilations/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"

    # By Album Type (
    albumtype:audiobook: "Audio Books/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"
    albumtype:single: "Music Singles/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$title} ($year)"
    albumtype:compilation: "Music Compilations/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"

    # By Genre (
    genre:comedy: "Standup Albums/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"
    genre:sketch comedy: "Standup Albums/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"
    genre:standup comedy: "Standup Albums/%the{$albumartist}/%the{$album} ($year)%aunique{}/%if{$is_multidisc,$disc}$track - $title"