Problem Converting

Whe I try t import FLAC files, I get an error at the end.

mp3 files are created in the tmp folder but then I get an error:

error reading /tmp/tmp3gsm1xrq.mp3: can't sync to MPEG frame

Here is what my config looks like

  auto: yes
      command: ffmpeg -i $source -q:a 0 $dest
      extension: mp3

Running on Qnap via Docker.

I also tried this command and it gives me the same error - ffmpeg -i input.flac -codec:a libmp3lame -qscale:a 2 output.mp3

I tried doing a basic test ffmpeg -i 16\ -\ Cassara\ -\ Euphoria.flac output.mp3 and it worked. So FFmpeg is installed and working.

EDIT: I am not sure what specifically fixed it but I did two changes:

  1. Added destination folder in the config file dest: "/music/converted"
  2. Changed the command to command: ffmpeg -i $source -y -ab 320k $dest

My convert plugin has been broken for years; when I added the tmpdir: option, and add -y to the ffmpeg command it started working! @slyfox Thanks for figuring this out!