Mp3/id3 field for free keywords/tags

Hi! I’m not deep into mp3 metadata manipulation and have used beets only a little bit.

To my mp3s I would like to add a keyword field were I can assosiate some free keywords like ‘listened-to’, ‘lively’, ‘dark’ or similar.

Is this possible with beets? Does the id3 standard even allow for something like this?

Also, it would be great if I somehow could write a play coun to the mo3s, but that’s not as important.

Any pointers are much appreciated!

The easy thing to do is to use this field within the beets database. Check out this guide to flexible attributes:

To map these values to ID3 tags, that’s a bit harder but also possible. You’ll need to make a custom plugin that comes with a “tag mapping” for your flexible attribute:

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Cool. Thanks @adrian !

using flexible attributes looks reasonably easy: I can just issue

beet modify keywords='lively,listened-to' artist:"Susana Baca"

For the 2nd idea, to make this persistent in the media files, I need to implement a tag mapping, you say. Do I have to map my keywords tag to an existing ID3 tag? Which one should I use?

You can use an existing one or invent a new “TXXX” field, which admits user-specified description strings, as in the example in the docs linked above.

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Thanks. Will meep it in mind.

For the moment I’m just write my own attribute to beets database. :slight_smile: