Moving from Git to stable

I haven’t had any serious issues using the git version of beets on Gentoo, but i’m thinking of simplfying things a bit by moving to the stable version.

Given that the stable version is rather old, and my last install was on 2020-09-17, is anything likely to break, or mess up my track data if I do move to 1.4.9?

Stable beets doesn’t work with the latest Python versions (both 3.9 and recent version from the 3.8.x series). The database scheme itself shouldn’t have changed since the last release, so I don’t expect anything would directly mess up your data. Given the large number of changes since 1.4.9, there is a good chance a few bugs relevant for your workflow were squashed in the meantime. Thus, I’d recommend not to downgrade (even if you run an older Python). Be sure to take a backup of the database in case you decide to do so anyway.

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Thank you. I’ll heed your advice and hold off for the next release.