Importing from subdirectories

I have two issues importing a two-disc release:

  1. If told to import from ./, beets finds only files in ./CD1 but not in ./CD2. The songs from ./CD2 are reported as missing tracks.

  2. Then beets goes on with importing without waiting for user input:

      Various Artists - […]
  (Similarity: 71.1%) (missing tracks) (2xCD, 2004, DE, Sony Music Media)
  CD 1
  Missing tracks (19/38 - 50.0%):
   ! […]
  Apply, More candidates, Skip, Use as-is, as Tracks, Group albums,
  Enter search, enter Id, aBort? Looking up: 

There’s a brief pause between aBort? and Looking up: but the program doesn’t wait for my choice.

What am I doing wrong? Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

Figured out myself: the target directory contained a third directory with album artwork that confused the auto-tagger.