How to find all tracks which are part of a mutli disc set?

How to find all tracks which are part of a multi disc set?
Some of my tracks are part of a multi disc set. They have the disc field set to something higher than 0.

How I can find the tracks where the disc number > 0?

I tried

beet ls disc>0

but somehow disc doesn’t seem to react to integer comparison.

Hello! You’ll want to use a numeric range query, which uses a different syntax than you’ve assumed here:

Namely, disc:1.. should do it.

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Thanks @adrian. This works perfectly. Thanks for taking the time and replying here. – I should have found this myself in the documentation.

However, I am curious, why you decided on the range syntax for numeric queries instead of boolean operators (< and >)? The latter looks to me more common in search queries…

Sure; there are a couple of reasons.

The first is that the beets query system is build around a field:pattern syntax. Keeping that consistent is valuable for us, both from a UX perspective and for maintainability. In this kind of query, 1.. is the pattern part, so it goes after the :.

Of course, we could have stuck with this syntax and done stuff like disc:<5 or disc:>1 or similar. The reason we didn’t do that is because beets supports range queries. So you can also do year:1990..2005, for instance. Leaving off one end of that range was a natural way to generalize to max/min queries.

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I see: Every query part is a field:pattern item and not a boolean expression. Then it makes total sense.Thanks.