Custom Compilations - Mark folder as compilation

I am very much a newbie, but I would like to organize my music library.
In my existing library I have unofficial compilations, meaning they are not tagged as compilation. They are organized in folders with the “album name” of the compilation. Inside are files that may or may not have information of the actual album of that track. Most have a track number within their custom compilation.
My problem is, I have no Idea how to make beets recognize that the current folder is a compilation with that album name.

I want to preserve the folder name and the track numbers, but want to update any other tags if they are wrong or missing. They should be copied into the Compilations folder according to my config.yaml.

I have no idea how to import such compilations, or if it is even possible with beets.

Maybe you can help me :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

Hi! If you import those things as albums, you should be able to set the comp flag to true. For example, beet modify -a comp=1 [some album] should do it.

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Thanks for the reply.
That’s a good idea.

Is there a way to import the folder as an album with the folder name?

Right now if I import the folder it is automatically renamed to the album title of the first track it encounters.
Also the track numbers are changed, even if I “use as is”.

I am a bit confused right now.

No, there’s not currently a way to name a compilation after the folder name automatically. You’ll need to modify it after the fact.

Thanks for your help so far. I think I can do that.
My workflow is as follows:

  • beet import folder and Use as-is. Beets detects this is a “Various Artists” Compilation and stores this information in the database, but does not write the information to the files.

  • beet write writes “Various Artists” to the files and the album/compilation name of the first track and actually sets the comp flag to True

  • beet modify -a album="Compilation_name" various artists album_name updates the compilation name