Bs1770gain version compatability with master

What version of bs1770gain was tested with the master branch?

OK, I was having trouble with bs1770gain on MacOS. I was getting the xml error. I fixed it by adding one line to the parse_tool_output() function in the file
text = text.replace(b"\r", b"\n")

apparently the xml parser cannot handle Mac style line endings.

I ran into some more trouble with the xml parser. It seems that if a tracks file attribute contains & symbol, it considers it invalid xml. Since that filename is used for matching to the library, I cannot simply replace the offending symbol. I’m not sure if it is something to be fixed in beets code or with the python team’s xml parser.
Let me know if I can provide more info or do more testing.

OS: MacOS 10.14.6 (18G4032)
python: 3.7.7
beets: 1.5.0 (up to date with master according to git)
bs1770gain: 0.6.7

Is anyone else experiencing problems with filenames containing & in them?