Bitrate and Samplerate for FLAC folders

Hey all. This is all new to me and the learning curve is just starting to flatten a bit. After several starts and stops I think I have the basics down. I’d like to get my folders at the album level to contain something like (16/44) and (24/96). My files are already split up by mp3, FLAC, DSD but for the FLAC files all the different resolutions are mixed in. I’d like to end up with something like:


so my duplicate albums in different Rez are so noted and not merged/deleted

Initial attempts I get different folders with huge numbers. I think that requires diving by 1,000.

I saw something similar here, but it is at the track level.

I’d like to end up with one folder per album with all the correct tracks in the right folder and appropriately identified at the folder level.

Sorry is this is too basic. If so please point me in the right direction of how to use bitrate and samplerate in the folder level naming.