Beet (new) plugin not detected

I am trying to write a new beets plugin to integrate Plex. Here’s the temporary repo.

Unfortunately, whatever, I do I cannot get the plugin detected. I have installed the plugin using pip install git+ and I can see the file in /home/arsaboo/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/beetsplug. Here’s my edited config.yaml

plugins: plexsync fetchart embedart convert scrub duplicates edit lastimport info
directory: /data/music
library: ~/.config/beets/musiclibrary.blb
art_filename: albumart
threaded: yes
original_date: no
per_disc_numbering: no

    auto: no
    ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
    opts: -ab 320k -ac 2 -ar 48000
    max_bitrate: 320
    threads: 1

    default: /data/music/Hindi Music/%left{$album,1}/$album ($year)/$album ($year) - $title
    singleton: /data/music/Non-Album/%left{$album,1}/$album ($year)/$album ($year) - $title
    comp: /data/music/Hindi Music/Compilations/%left{$album,1}/$album ($year)/$album ($year) - $title
    albumtype_soundtrack: /data/music/Hindi Music/%left{$album,1}/$album ($year)/$album ($year) - $title

    write: yes
    copy: no
    move: no
    resume: ask
    incremental: no
    quiet_fallback: skip
    timid: no
    log: ~/.config/beets/beet.log

  .DS_Store,                 # Default.
  Thumbs.DB                  # Default.

    - /home/arsaboo/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/beetsplug
    - /home/arsaboo/.config/beets/plugins
    auto: no
    source: album
    count: 5
    separator: '\\'

    auto: yes
    remove_art_file: yes

    auto: yes
    lastfm_key: XYZ
    fanarttv_key : ZYX
      - filesystem
      - coverart: release
      - itunes
      - coverart: releasegroup
      - lastfm
      - fanarttv

    auto: no

    '^\.': _
    '[\x00-\x1f]': _
    '[<>:"\?\*\|]': _
    '[\xE8-\xEB]': e
    '[\xEC-\xEF]': i
    '[\xE2-\xE6]': a
    '[\xF2-\xF6]': o
    '[\xF8]': o
    '\.$': _
    '\s+$': ''

    port: 8337

    port: 32400
    token: TOKEN

    user: arsaboo

    source_weight: 1

But, beet -vv does not detect it:

arsaboo@ubuntuvm2:~/beets$ ls /home/arsaboo/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/beetsplug  __pycache__
arsaboo@ubuntuvm2:~/beets$ beet -vv
user configuration: /home/arsaboo/.config/beets/config.yaml
data directory: /home/arsaboo/.config/beets
plugin paths: /home/arsaboo/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/beetsplug; /home/arsaboo/.config/beets/plugins
Sending event: pluginload
library database: /home/arsaboo/.config/beets/musiclibrary.blb
library directory: /data/music
Sending event: library_opened
  beet COMMAND [ARGS...]
  beet help COMMAND

                        print with custom format
                        print with custom format
  -l LIBRARY, --library=LIBRARY
                        library database file to use
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                        destination music directory
  -v, --verbose         log more details (use twice for even more)
  -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        path to configuration file
  -p PLUGINS, --plugins=PLUGINS
                        a comma-separated list of plugins to load
  -P EXCLUDE, --disable-plugins=EXCLUDE
                        a comma-separated list of plugins to disable
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  clearart          remove images from file metadata
  config            show or edit the user configuration
  convert           convert to external location
  duplicates (dup)  List duplicate tracks or albums.
  edit              interactively edit metadata
  embedart          embed image files into file metadata
  extractart        extract an image from file metadata
  fetchart          download album art
  fields            show fields available for queries and format strings
  help (?)          give detailed help on a specific sub-command
  import (imp, im)  import new music
  info              show file metadata
  lastimport        import play-count
  list (ls)         query the library
  modify (mod)      change metadata fields
  move (mv)         move or copy items
  remove (rm)       remove matching items from the library
  scrub             clean audio tags
  spotify           build a Spotify playlist
  spotifysync       fetch track attributes from Spotify
  stats             show statistics about the library or a query
  update (upd, up)  update the library
  version           output version information
  write             write tag information to files
Sending event: cli_exit

Any thoughts what am I missing…thanks!

Hmm; given the lack of errors in the output, can you try beet version to see if the plugin has loaded?

It sort of looks like beets isn’t seeing your plugins: line in your config, so it might be good to double-check that it’s using the right config file by typing beet config.