1-Question Survey: Discourse vs. Github

I think we should consolidate to one discussion forum, rather than two.* I don’t think we do a good job of cultivating a community feel, even though everyone in both forums is very helpful and welcoming. It’s hard to remember who’s who across two sites and two avatar systems, and it’s hard to remember to check two places.

As such, here is a one-question survey on which platform you like better.

There are extra questions if you want to provide more info.

In the last month:

  • 7 threads in in github discussions
  • 8 threads in discourse

IMO, the winning platform should have:

  • Above 50% neutral/positive rating from Beets contributors
  • Above 40% neutral/positive rating from non-contributors (they presumably will use the forum less often)

If the results between Discourse and Github Discussions are statistically similar, I think we should either flip a coin or let core contributors make an executive decision. (I hope the results are strong enough we don’t have to resort to stats, since I’m rusty on that.)

* Expanded:

Beets has what I would consider to be a chronically small contributor/user base, relative to its usefulness and other open source projects. I think laying this foundation for a strong community could allow it to grow and get more contributors and retain them longer.

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