Importing from Old iPod Backup

Hi, I have an old backup of an iPod I lost a few years ago on an airplane and I am trying to use Beets to recover the tracks in an organized fashion. Since the iPod_Control/Music directory stores the tracks using some kind of directory hash prefixing scheme and distributes the tracks throughout each subdirectory from 0x00 to 0xFF, this causes Beets to think the tracks within each subdirectory are in the same album when each directory contains tracks from any number of albums. Is there any way to get Beets to import the tracks using the ID3 tags as the only source of organizational metadata? I’ve tried the --singleton option but that results in every track being part of its own album and no real way to re-group tracks into their album.

So far, looks like the flat and group-albums options together seem work okay.

That seems right to me!