--flat without a parent directory?

I have a big folder of ripped CDs where I stored each disc separately… image

I know if I put ‘Disc 1’ and ‘Disc 2’ into a folder, I can use --flat to treat them as one lump, but it doesn’t look like I can do beet import --flat common-filename* or beet import --flat disc1 disc2 to do the same without moving things around before importing.

Is there another trick to do this? The various combinations I’ve tried so far treat each directory as a separate (and not autotaggable) release.

There’s not currently a trick; sorry! Seems like it could be a good idea to have, though. Maybe try opening a feature-request ticket (or searching to see whether one already exists)?

OK - I had a quick rummage through the source code (I’d forgotten how complex it is!).

What I’d need is something that creates a single ImportTask with all the paths on the command-line as paths, isn’t it?

Yep, that’s it exactly.

Cool. I’ll have a crack at it myself then, and hopefully join the PR pile rather than the TODO list.